Does Bluestacks Require Virtualization Or Not?


Bluestack is an app that allows people to use Android apps on PC, starting from Windows and Mac devices. People could get the app for free by downloading it on the internet, or on google play. However, there might be some additional payment for special requirements. As for the basic requirement for this app, people might wonder about what they should prepare and have.  Moreover, about on does Bluestacks require virtualization or not.

There are not so many things about what people shout prepare. For Windows users, people would just need to provide their PC with a minimum Windows 7. For the system memory, they should have a minimum of 2GB. Furthermore, for the hard drive space, it takes a minimum of 5GB. Another thing that people might be asking does Bluestacks require virtualization. Here are some suggestions about it and other things related to it.

Does Bluestacks Require Virtualization?

1. Find Out on the PC Capability

Before deciding on whether to use it or not, there is something that people must do first. People should first make sure whether their PC would be able to use the feature or not. Not all computers have the same capability so that is why they should check it first. Each computer has its different way of checking on the capability. Some computers could simply check it on the setting management. While other computers need to download a specific app to check.

2. Turning on the Virtualization

Turning on the Bluestacks Virtualization

Once people find out on the capability on their computers, people should go to the next step. After downloading the Blue stack app, people should then turn the feature mode on. Moreover, on the computers that do not auto turn it on. Again, each device has different steps on turning it on. Most of the steps are through the computer’s setting. Each Windows has different links. Moreover, the computer’s processor also affects it.

3. The Advantage with Using Virtualization

The answer behind does Bluestacks require virtualization or not, here are some answers. It is actually not a must for people to use it. Moreover, it depends on the user’s wants and needs. Overall, the feature is used to give a better performance to the user. Especially for the display. The minimum requirement is to always have the updated graphics driver.

4. To Use to App without Virtualization

However, if people choose to not use it, it is okay. Moreover, the Bluestacks is even one of the best Android emulators that work without virtualization. People could still enjoy playing, editing, texting, and doing other activities well. When opening the Bluestacks, just ignore the request on turning the virtual.

5. The Advantage not Using Virtualization

Here is another great answer for does blue stacks require virtualization. Bluestacks is already a great app for people to use. Moreover, there are more risks to using the feature. Starting from the security up to the engine working. With turning it on, the computer would work harder as well.

As a conclusion, does Bluestacks require virtualization or not, it actually depends on one each user. However, since Bluestacks is already a great app, unless it is not needed, people don’t need to turn it on. They could still enjoy the app. For those who ask is Bluestacks safe or not, the answer is yes, it is safe.

How To Lower WhatsApp Data Usage for Android

Despite the excellence of the WhatsApp app in the media, you have to concern one thing, that is the mobile data draining out. Therefore, you have to know how to lower WhatsApp data usage for Android particularly when you use WhatsApp more frequently. The mobile data will be draining out significantly when you send or receive videos, messages, and voice calls as well as video calls on WhatsApp. This may cause run out of the monthly quota only in a few days.

One of the general solutions is opening the WhatsApp only when there is a Wi-Fi connection available in your location. However, this is not quite practical for a mobile person. Thus, the only best solution is to configure the app of WhatsApp for minimum data usage.
Concern the ideas we are going to share dealing with how to lower WhatsApp data usage for Android as follows:

How To Lower WhatsApp Data Usage for Android

  • Change WhatsApp Auto Download to Wi-Fi

The default setting of WhatsApp will automatically download all of the media messages either in the Wi-Fi connection or Cellular Data. This Auto Download feature usually consumes a lot of data. In this concern, you can change the settings of downloading the media files using Wi-Fi only. Thus, you can cut down the bandwidth for video downloading.

  • Turn Off WhatsApp Chat Backup with Cellular Data Package

The second idea you have to try is to turn off the WhatsApp chat backup when you are using cellular data package. Data backup by Whatsapp is consuming much more cellular data. In shorts, when you turn on your cellular data package, you are much recommended to turn off the WhatsApp Backup. This is aimed to get the minimum data usage.

  • Stop Auto-Saving WhatsApp Incoming Media

The next idea dealing with the way how to lower WhatsApp data usage for Android is to stop the auto-saving WhatsApp incoming media. In this case, WhatsApp is has a built-in feature of automatically save the incoming media files in which the cellular data will be used more. Thus, stop it just by clicking (x) when the media files are downloaded. This is one of the tricks not to save dozens of incoming data to your WhatsApp.

  • Change the WhatsApp Call Setting Into Low Data Usage

Another way to low the data usage on WhatsApp is to change the WhatsApp call setting into low data usage. In fact, video calls are consuming a lot of data because of the video transfer. This way, you can decide to change settings into voice calls only when you use cellular data. And you can make video calls only when you are connected to a Wi-Fi. This is one of the ways how you lower the Whatsapp data usage for your Android.


In conclusion, you can take the ideas on how to lower WhatsApp data usage for Android to apply when it is important to minimize the use of cellular data. The more complete feature of WhatsApp may require a lot of data usage, thus, you can control how to manage it well.

4 Adobe Photoshop Express Best Features To Find Out

Have you ever used Adobe Photoshop Express for your photo editing? If yes, you must have experienced how great to work with the software to carry out the photo editing process, right? Well, it is totally true. This software version is very popular with its easy way of editing photos as well as sharing the photos at all time.

Pop up your creativity with Adobe Photoshop Express along with the simple sliders exposure, tint to your liking and brightness. In shorts, if you want to show and explore the entire creation of your own, you can definitely consider this software.

To get a better understanding of the software so that you can work successfully with it, please check out the 4 best features described briefly in the following sections.

Adobe Photoshop Express Best Features

  • Advanced Options

Do you know that Adobe Photoshop Express has and advanced options dealing with the preferences management and configuration? What is included in the options? There are 4 options you can trustfully take out soon.

1. Sharing

The first option available in the software is the enhanced sharing experience which is using one-click sharing as well as multiple destinations.

2. JPEG Quality output

The second option you have to see is the JPEG quality output which enables you to customize both the quality and size of the output image you are possessing. This option is available in all versions of Adobe Photoshop including Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Photoshop CC, and others.

3. Watermark images

Watermark images enable the software to add custom text or graphical watermark to images.

4. Image Resize

The last advanced option you can consider is the image resize. This option allows you to resize the image before you finally save it.

  • Artistic Collages

Artistic Collages is the great capability offered by Adobe Photoshop Express to make you feel flexible and control the border size, color, and pan-zoom. All of these capabilities are aimed to edit your college through:

1. Automatic intelligent layout and style transfer which enables you to automatically make gorgeous and share-worthy colleges by one click only.

2. Professional quality creation which makes you able to create backgrounds, gradients, and layouts.

3. A pop color tool which allows you to choose the colors selectively supported by Adobe intelligent so that you will have the most impact over your images.

  • Quick Sharing

Another capability that Adobe Photoshop Express presents is quick sharing. Quick sharing feature enables you to quickly share your photos to your social accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and more destinations you intend to. You can also send your photos through email and SMS text to your friends and family members.

  • System Requirements

Now you must also check the system requirements of Adobe Photoshop Express. Well, this software is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Microsoft Store. Meanwhile, the minimum supported OS version includes Windows 8, iOS 10.0 and Android 4.1. Thus, make sure your device is compatible with this software before you finally download it.


Overall, you are much recommended to use Adobe Photoshop Express for your photo editing software especially if you want to produce nice photos that meet your expectation to post them on your favorite social accounts.

Avast Vs Mcafee

Avast Vs Mcafee Which One Suits To Your Computer

Avast Vs Mcafee

Avast and Mcafee are two antivirus brands that often compared by various people. Because they are relatively easy to use and have their own advantages. In this article, there are some feature comparisons of Avast vs Mcafee. This article aims to help newly user. So every user can easily determine which one suitable for their computer.

Avast Vs Mcafee

  • Display And User Interface

Based on user experience, the display of Avast looks modern with a black background color. The combination of black, white, yellow and purple colors looks so beautiful. But the developer put the button and menu on the left side of the window. It doesn’t seem familiar for Windows OS user.

It may feel confusing for a new user. Because there are many tabs and menu options in the Avast window. So they must click the tab to know what menu inside the button.

Unlike Avast, which has black color as a base. Mcafee uses a white background color. The menu button is at the top. This is one of the advantages of Mcafee because users are easier to find the menu.

The menu placement at the top is similar to the menu in other applications. For example Microsoft office, browser, and so on.

  • Ease of Use

Both of these antiviruses has quite good features. There are not many differences between them. And actually, they work pretty well on computers.

Both of these antiviruses can secure passwords, important information, clean viruses, and ward off viruses from the internet. The feature will work better if the antivirus is run automatically. So the computer can be better protected.

  • Package Selection

There are several choices of packages offered in addition to the standard antivirus package that is free. Avast offers avast premier, internet security and ultimate. The difference between the three types of packages lies in the completeness of the features and price.

Whereas Mcafee offers consumer and enterprise packages. The consumer package is intended for users at home. While the enterprise is for wider use. For example, office or school.

This choice seems to be quite in accordance with the current use of society. Home use focuses on computer security and personal data. While the enterprise aims to secure data from viruses to support small to medium business.

  • The Price

The Price

Apart from offering free antivirus, Avast and Mcafee offer several packages for sale. Of course, this version is more complete and more powerful than the free version. Avast offers prices between 20 to 30 dollars for one device.

Whereas Mcafee offered its products from 25 to 65 dollars for 10 devices. So each device costs around 2 to 6.5 dollars. It is so affordable.

Avast vs Mcafee is suitable for use in computers both at home and office. Avast has advantages in terms of size. It is smaller and lighter than Mcafee. But McAfee is cheaper than avast. The choice depends on the user, adjust it to free space on the device and their budget to purchase the antivirus.

Windows Explorer

5 Best Windows Explorer Alternative, Try It!

Windows File Explorer is very functional. However, sometimes looking for a third-party alternative is a good choice to prevent bad luck such as when Windows 10 file explorer not responding.  Here is the list of windows file explorer alternative that’s very helpful.

Best Windows File Explorer Alternative

  • Directory Opus

It introduces its own style decisions which are different with other windows explorer. Moreover, its features include support for synchronizing files and finding duplicates allow the users to flag and check mark files. In addition, it also allows checking a customizable status bar.

The file size is not 7 MB like other explorers. The Directory Opus installer clocks in at 50 MB with the final app almost 100 MB. Furthermore, the lite version costs about $40 while the full version is $70. However, there is a 60-day free trial is available.

  • Fman

It’s the least Windows-like app with self-described as “GoTo on steroids.” The best thing about Fman is its cross-platform support working on Mac and Linux as well as Windows. Moreover, it will provide a sense of continuity in the user’s work. Therefore, it’s on the list of windows file explorer alternative.

Nonetheless, this windows file explorer is good for the beginner. It is because of the software developers and other tech-savvy pros. In addition, the feature-wise always displays the contents of two directories. Furthermore, it’s free to download and use, but an updated license will cost $12.

  • Explorer++

Explorer++ is an open source. It means that the community can keep working on it for as long as they wish. Interestingly, it is also one of the most basic apps on the list. It almost looks like Windows File Explorer and offers the fewest enhancements.

In spite of that, the enhancements will lift most users to a new level of productivity. The will enjoy tabbed browsing, the ability to merge and split files, and a display window.

  • TagSpaces

TagSpaces is another windows file explorer alternative. Moreover, it is also an open source file organizer. It’s usually for people who want to keep everything organized without using a full-featured file manager. In addition, it works by adding user-defined tags to all the user’s files.

For instance, tag things like “Photos,” “Recipes,” “College,” and so on can be organized into groups. Best of all, it could work on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Furthermore, the app also boasts Chromecast support.

  • FreeCommander

It is an alternative to the standard windows file manager which easy to use. The program helps the users with daily work in Windows. Moreover, it works anywhere even to a foreign computer. The users only need to copy the installation directory on a CD or USB-Stick.

FreeCommander also helps the users to do different things with tabs to it much easier. In addition, it does something similar with its dual-panel interface. Consequently, users could drag and drop things between folders. It also has its internal tools for splitting files, zipping and unpacking files and even batch-renaming.

Reading through the list of windows file explorer alternative above make you decide what good for your need. Those descriptions clearly explain what programs are right for the users according to the features and price. Moreover, the free trial is available for whoever wants to try it. Good luck.