How to Create Facebook Stories for Beginners

How to Create Facebook Stories

Facebook stories is a new feature that allows users to share stories through short photos and videos. It will automatically disappear after 24 hours so that users don’t need to delete it manually. If you are new to this feature, you might need to know how to create Facebook stories.

As posted on, story uses Facebook’s in-app camera. Users are allowed to overlay filters and lenses to improve their contents. Much like Instagram stories, Facebook stories receive positive responses from users.

How It Works

You might be curious on how Facebook stories work, whether or not it is similar to Instagram’s. The answer is yes—Facebook stories work much like Instagram stories. Once you share a content to stories, it will appear at the top of News Feed.

Other users can view your story by simply tapping the circle. You can also reply to the story through a direct message. If you have been familiar with Instagram stories, then you won’t find a problem using Facebook stories.

How to Share Content to Facebook Stories

How to Share Content to Facebook Stories

After knowing what Facebook stories are and how it works, it’s time to get to know how to share content to stories. Follow the instructions below:

  •  Launch Facebook app and log in to your account.
  • Access your Facebook camera by tapping the camera icon.
  • Create content by capturing photos or recording videos using the camera. Tap the button on the center of the screen to take a photo. If you want to record video, hold the button.
  • Use a variety of filters to embellish your photos or videos. Swipe to find available filters and lenses.
  • Aside from capturing from the camera, you can also upload images or videos from the camera roll. Simply tap the album icon and choose the content you wish to upload.
  • Once you are satisfied with the content, share to your story. All you need to do is tapping the arrow icon and choose Your Story.
  • Tap the send button at the bottom right of the screen.

Now your content is shared to your story. Your friends will be able to view your story for 24 hours and it will disappear automatically. Much like Instagram and Snapchat, story won’t be displayed in the News Feed or your timeline by default.

How to Post Stories for Pages

Since October 2017, Facebook stories can be used by all pages, including business pages. That means business pages can promote their products through stories and overtake posts in feeds. Businesses can benefit from stories as it helps businesses reach their targets and enhance transparency.

How to post Facebook stories for business pages? The easiest method is by using Facebook on mobile apps. Please note that you don’t have other options than using mobile devices to post stories. Once everything is ready, do the following steps:

  • Launch your Facebook app and log in with your business account.
  • Scroll down and find to Add to Story. Tap on it.
  • Create your story by uploading photos or videos. As with creating a content using a personal account, tap the center button to take a photo or hold to record a video.
  • You can also use a variety of lenses and filters to make it more attractive.
  • If you are satisfied with the content, tap Add to Story button and select Next.
  • Your content is already added to the story.

Your followers will be able to view your stories for the next 24 hours. After that, it will disappear automatically. You can add as many stories as possible to promote products, businesses, or events.

If you haven’t tried Facebook stories, it’s time to upgrade your social media experience by trying this feature. Whether you want to share happy moments, OOTD, or favorite foods, stories are worth the thought!

How To View Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else

How To View your Facebook Profile As Someone Else

Have you ever thought about how your friends view your Facebook profile? Maybe some information that you don’t want to leak actually is visible to your visitor or your friends. You can’t see it because what you see in your profile is different from what the other people see. That’s why you need to become someone else. Is it possible? Of course, it is. You can become not yourself and this is how to view your Facebook profile as someone else.

View Profile Directly From Profile Page

You may don’t know how your profile looks like to your friends. But, Facebook has a way that makes you view your profile as the public sees yours. And the steps on how to view Facebook profile as someone else is not hard to follow.

View Profile Directly From Profile Page

  • What you need to do first is go to your profile page. This is how your profile looks like in your eyes.
  • And to change it to another perspective, move your cursor to the dots beside your photo profile.
  • As you click that dots, you will see two options that you need to choose. And then, click the option which says “view as”.
  • Finally, you can view your timeline as a public view of yours.

Other than how the public views your profile, you can also view your profile as a specific person, for example, your boyfriend or girlfriend. To do that, look at the top of the screen. And then, change “view as a public” to “view as a specific” person. After that, you need to type the name of the person you try to impose. Now, you can view your profile as that person.

View As From Privacy Shortcuts

If you want to know how to view your Facebook profile as someone else, other than from profile, you can also use the privacy shortcuts menu. The steps maybe a little longer than from the profile, but it is still simple and easy.

View Facebook Profile Directly From Privacy Shortcuts

  • First, go to the Facebook sites and login to your account.
  • After login successfully to your account, search for a quick help menu on the top-right corner of the page. The symbol of this menu is a question mark.
  • Click that symbol when you find it. You will see several sub-menu.
  • Click the privacy shortcuts menu to go to the next step. When the privacy shortcuts open, there will be some menus regarding your privacy.
  • Click the dots on the privacy menu that say see more privacy settings.
  • After that, look at the left side on the page and search for “timeline and tagging” option and click it.
  • Then a new page will be opened. In the review section, you will see a menu “Review what the other people see on your timeline”. Click view as besides that menu to view your profile as someone else.

Although it seems unimportant, you need to know how to view your Facebook profile as someone else. You need to do that frequently so you will know what the information regarding you is visible to other people. And based on that, you can sort out the information about yourself that the public can view.

Instagram Captions

The Importance Of Instagram Captions

Instagram Captions

The Instagram algorithm has a trait to put high engagement post on the explore page. With the high number of likes, comments, and shares Instagram categorize it as top quality content. It means, many liked the post and would likely so do more people. That’s why it could end in explore page as a suggestion.

The Importance Of Instagram Captions

And Instagram captions hold an important role in this matter, here are the reasons:

  • Can Lure People in Your Post

The original purpose of a caption is to act as a companion to a post. But a good Instagram caption proved can make people give a second thought. There’s a possibility that people see your post as an en passant. But they stopped and clicked on your page because of the caption you write. It’s not impossible to have more they will lurk deeper in your past posts as well.

  • Connecting with People

Connecting with People

You should know that as social media, Instagram holds a special power to connect people even if they don’t know one another in real life. And half of this role burdened to the caption’s shoulder. The reason is the caption could move people to react, moreover, if you put a call-to-actions instruction in there. Your simple ‘… double tap if you agree…’ could penetrate on some and make them double tap your post.

  • Add the Spice in the Dish

If you compare an Instagram post as a dish, you could call the caption as the spices. They give taste to your dish and add flavor. A beautiful picture could stand on its own and speaks on its behalf. But the power of caption could more adorn it and turn it more flawless – even if it’s just a single emoji. Because the caption section acts to represent your feeling regarding the particular picture or video you posted.

  • Asserting the Intention from the Post

Not leaving the caption section bare is also a way to assert your original intention with what you posted. The reason is that people could interpret what you posted in many different ways. That’s why you should put a caption to anchor what you want to deliver through the post. Because with the caption, the chance to people misunderstood your point is getting slimmer. Thus, your purpose in concert with the post would reach through.

  • Shout-out Mention and Hashtags

In several occasion, your post might be a product of several other people helped you. And most often, their effort wouldn’t appear in the picture. That’s why you should mention them in your caption section. Along with that, you also could relay your gratitude with their works. Also, you would like more people to see what you posted under a specific topic. For that, you should put on some hashtags for them to easily find your post when people search for the topic.

Instagram captions could act as persuasion for people to react to your post. Not only from likes, comments, and shares but also a mere tap on the more button. The list above described the importance of captions to your posts. Thus, from now on you should avoid in leaving your caption section bare without anything.