Find Out the Essential Applications for Your Laptops

When you have a laptop, what thing you want to do with it? Some people use it for their business while some other use them for their leisure time. When it comes to you to choose the best laptops, you can find them among all of the popular brands. But, making your laptop as the best is not only the thing you can do. In some cases, you will also need to get some applications to boost its function. Don’t worry, you can download many applications for your laptop from FileHippo. This website will give whatever you want to have on your laptop.

For some years, the development of websites that provide the downloadable files will be really important to have. When it comes to you to get along with the laptop development, you can count on the website to provide more files and software that will be unique for you. But, you need to also get some things that will be suitable for your lifestyle. If you find that the software is helpful for your project and your business, it will be really helpful for you to have them. But, what are the applications you need to have?

Choosing the Important Applications for PC

When you choose the pc or laptop brand, you might expect something great from the brand. But, however, you cannot get them easily as there are some factors that will make a laptop or pc work perfectly. Choosing the application is somehow important or you who want to get the best laptop performance. In this case, FileHippo will give you a complete database of the applications so you can download them to boost the laptop’s performance. Here are some of the best apps you can download:

  1. The first thing you need to have is the apps for your productivity. You can choose some applications that will be suitable for your profession. When you choose the app for your productivity, the office apps will be very important to have. It helps you a lot in getting along with the heaps of jobs like typing, editing your file and others. It is recommended for you to choose the best of it.
  2. Then, you need to also get the application for cleaning cache and junk in the laptop. As you use the applications, there will be many caches that will be there on your laptop. To make sure that you can get a functioning laptop, the best way to do is to clean them using the pc cleaner or any other cache cleaner applications for cleaning the junk files. Of course, it will be really helpful for you.
  3. You can also get the best function from the apps like file recovery apps. In some cases, you might experience some problems when you lose the documents after you accidentally delete or format it. Don’t worry, there are some applications that will be helpful for your need. Besides, it will also help you a lot in getting along with the best document choice. You can recover and choose more files from the laptop storage.
  4. If you have any hobby, you can also use them simply by choosing the best application for your need. If you love making designs, then you have to choose the application for it. Indeed, choosing the application will be quite tricky, but it doesn’t mean you cannot find it. You will be able in finding the best app for editing photos, videos and other editing apps that will be perfect for the hobby.
  5. Although it seems to be a small, simple thing, you can still get some of the best apps for your plan and journaling. You can keep some meeting schedules in the app, tracking your diet and other things you need to have. Don’t hesitate to try some of the best application on the web, as FileHippo provides many types of application. So, you will never get bored with the files.

When you choose to have them on the web, you can also find the latest app for it. In this case, the website will provide some categories that are easy to scroll. You will also find the web navigation to be easy to use. Therefore, you can get the best application that suits your lifestyle from FileHippo File.

How to Create Facebook Stories for Beginners

How to Create Facebook Stories

Facebook stories is a new feature that allows users to share stories through short photos and videos. It will automatically disappear after 24 hours so that users don’t need to delete it manually. If you are new to this feature, you might need to know how to create Facebook stories.

As posted on, story uses Facebook’s in-app camera. Users are allowed to overlay filters and lenses to improve their contents. Much like Instagram stories, Facebook stories receive positive responses from users.

How It Works

You might be curious on how Facebook stories work, whether or not it is similar to Instagram’s. The answer is yes—Facebook stories work much like Instagram stories. Once you share a content to stories, it will appear at the top of News Feed.

Other users can view your story by simply tapping the circle. You can also reply to the story through a direct message. If you have been familiar with Instagram stories, then you won’t find a problem using Facebook stories.

How to Share Content to Facebook Stories

How to Share Content to Facebook Stories

After knowing what Facebook stories are and how it works, it’s time to get to know how to share content to stories. Follow the instructions below:

  •  Launch Facebook app and log in to your account.
  • Access your Facebook camera by tapping the camera icon.
  • Create content by capturing photos or recording videos using the camera. Tap the button on the center of the screen to take a photo. If you want to record video, hold the button.
  • Use a variety of filters to embellish your photos or videos. Swipe to find available filters and lenses.
  • Aside from capturing from the camera, you can also upload images or videos from the camera roll. Simply tap the album icon and choose the content you wish to upload.
  • Once you are satisfied with the content, share to your story. All you need to do is tapping the arrow icon and choose Your Story.
  • Tap the send button at the bottom right of the screen.

Now your content is shared to your story. Your friends will be able to view your story for 24 hours and it will disappear automatically. Much like Instagram and Snapchat, story won’t be displayed in the News Feed or your timeline by default.

How to Post Stories for Pages

Since October 2017, Facebook stories can be used by all pages, including business pages. That means business pages can promote their products through stories and overtake posts in feeds. Businesses can benefit from stories as it helps businesses reach their targets and enhance transparency.

How to post Facebook stories for business pages? The easiest method is by using Facebook on mobile apps. Please note that you don’t have other options than using mobile devices to post stories. Once everything is ready, do the following steps:

  • Launch your Facebook app and log in with your business account.
  • Scroll down and find to Add to Story. Tap on it.
  • Create your story by uploading photos or videos. As with creating a content using a personal account, tap the center button to take a photo or hold to record a video.
  • You can also use a variety of lenses and filters to make it more attractive.
  • If you are satisfied with the content, tap Add to Story button and select Next.
  • Your content is already added to the story.

Your followers will be able to view your stories for the next 24 hours. After that, it will disappear automatically. You can add as many stories as possible to promote products, businesses, or events.

If you haven’t tried Facebook stories, it’s time to upgrade your social media experience by trying this feature. Whether you want to share happy moments, OOTD, or favorite foods, stories are worth the thought!

Best Free Apps for Photo Editing to Help You Edit Like a Pro

To be a creative photo editor, you need a tool that supports many features. Sometimes, you may confuse choosing and need some recommendations of the best apps for photo editing free. It is because each app has different features.

Therefore, below are 5 apps you can choose to download. All of them are awesome with their own characteristics. Let’s check it out!

1. Photo Editor Pro by InShot Inc.

Photo Editor Pro

Released in 2018, Photo Editor Pro can have 50 million downloads in 2 years. It can be said that this editing app is one of the best apps for photo editing free. Because it gets 4.8 /5 stars from more than 800 hundred reviewers.

There are various features you can find on this app. You will not be bored with the 60+ filter choice. Giving glitch effect, background blurring, light FX, and photo blender will also make you free to realize your imagination.

If you are actively sharing your photos on social media, Photo Editor Pro is perfect for you. You can instantly post your creation to Facebook or Instagram. So, you will always be updated.

2. Adobe Lightroom – Photo Editor and Pro Camera by Adobe

Adobe Lightroom

If you want something that can edit quickly but still worth, Adobe Lightroom may be the answer. It has plenty of features, such as removing the small details and making any adjustments. You can say that Lightroom is the light version of Photoshop.

The interface of Lightroom is very suitable for a photographer. Some simple editing like color and dark light setting is more reachable. That surely makes it easy to save your time and energy. For simplicity, it’s worth getting 4.4 /5.

3. PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video, & Collage Maker by PicsArt

PicsArt Photo Editor

More than 500 million people have downloaded PicsArt Photo Editor. Many users love it because it has interesting features. Not only for editing photos but also for making collage and stickers and also creating a meme.

For photo editing, you can explore many trendy effects and hot filters. Play with the background by selection tool to blur it. Or you don’t like the background? Just erase it and cut out the photo.

More than that, this app also has some beautifying tools to change your appearances. You can also add text to your photo to emphasize your mind. With those features, PicsArt gets 4.3 /5 stars in PlayStore.

4. PixLab Photo Editor: Drip Effect, Collage Maker by Lyrebird Studio

PixLab Photo Editor

Resizing images to post on Instagram is very easy with PixLab Photo Editor. You can also enjoy the dripping effect that’s the newest feature. It is also what makes it different from the other app. This app has been downloaded 5 million times, and may always increase if it keeps updating.

5. SNOW by SNOW, Inc.


Looking for an app with an excellent beauty effect? SNOW can edit your face with a hundred filters, even when you are doing live. Not only that, but there are also seasonal filters that will make your editing more special.

To see the result of editing, you don’t need to save it first. Just compare the before and after instantly with the feature. Be a pro beauty editor just in your touch.

Each app surely has characteristics and their respective advantages. Hopefully, the recommendation of the best apps for photo editing free above can inspire you to choose the compatible app. Keep taking pictures, and do the fun editing. Download all free apps above on Free Drivers and Software.

5 Best Free Apps for Preschoolers

Now we are in a digital world, where everyone uses digital applications to get information and also entertainment. Even children can access applications that help them to learn or overcome boredom. However, parents must know about the best apps for preschoolers free which are safe for children.

The application will make your child learn many things in a fun way. You don’t need to download paid apps because now many apps are free for preschoolers, which are also fun and safe for kids. If you are curious, the following are the best apps for preschoolers free that you can download easily:

1. Fish School

Fish School

Your child definitely likes this game because this game has a lot of educational activities on it. Let your child learn ABCs in a fun way by watching lots of fish make letters.

Then, your child will more easily memorize the alphabet when playing this application. Through this application, you can introduce your child to shapes and letters in an exciting way. Your child can also learn differences and matching with simple touch and tap.

This is one of the best apps for preschoolers free because it won several awards. The awards are Parent’s Choice Gold Award from Parent’s Choice Foundation and Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award for Excellence in Design.

2. PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids Games

There are more than 100 games in this application that are fun to be played by your child. Some of the games available in this application are science games, puzzles, mazes, letter games, dress-ups, and more.

Cheerful PBS Kids characters will make your child happy to play and they don’t realize that this application is educational. Moreover, to play this game you do not always need the internet because there are Offline Games features.

3. Elmo Loves 123s

Elmo Loves 123s

The adorable Elmo character will help your child learn about numbers. There are many fun games to introduce numbers to your child through this application. The games are hide-and-seek, coloring pages, jigsaw puzzles, counting games, and more.

This application is very easy for your child to use because they just slide, swipe, and touch it. You will not worry to let your child play this game because this game is one of the best apps for preschoolers free.

4. Hungry Caterpillar Play School

Hungry Caterpillar Play School

All parents would know if the book hungry caterpillar from Eric Carle’s beloved books is the most recommended book for children. Your child will definitely love it because the hungry caterpillar is now on a smartphone. Through this application, your child will learn about basic math, science and nature studies, language and literacy, creative arts, and many others.

Start teaching your child about how to solve problems by playing Puzzle and Reasoning games in this application. Moreover, videos and songs support all subjects so your child doesn’t get bored easily.

5. Dr. Panda Town

Dr. Panda Town

Role-playing will be more fun through this application. Your child can play the role of being a police, barber, or even a veterinarian. In this application, your child will experience an unlimited adventure by enjoying the excitement throughout the city.

Explore the world with 35 exciting characters with bright, colorful designs and graphics. By Dr. Panda Town, your child can discover millions of hidden secrets and have fun interactions.

Those are 5 best apps for preschoolers free, which you can find on iOS and Android. Choose the application that is suitable for your child’s age and needs. However, you still have to keep an eye on your child because your child must still comply with the screen time limit.


4 Best Smart Speakers 2020

Technology is becoming more and more advanced nowadays. After the release of the smartphone, there are various “smart” things that are released. Smartwatch, smart TV are a few examples of “smart” things that already spread around the world. And following them is the smart speaker. Then, years after years a new smart speaker is released one by one. From all of the newest smart speakers, here is the best smart speaker 2020.

1. Sonos One

Sonos One

Sonos One has a rich, clear and great sound. When combining with Alexa you will get the best ecosystem for both. First, you will get the ever-improving Alexa and you also get Sonos that have multi-rooms smarts and are unrivaled in terms of sound performance.

Furthermore, Sonos One can talk to Siri thanks to the new features and now it even supports Google Assistant. That’s why there will be no one who objects if it becomes one of the best smart speakers in 2020. With all of those features, you don’t need to be surprised that Sonos One costs a bit of price.

2. Apple HomePod

Apple HomePod

Apple now is also working in making a smart speaker and one of its creations is Apple HomePod. If you’re talking about its quality as a smart speaker then one thing that can be said is top-notch. Though its design is minimal, it still gives nice and elegant vibes.

The sound that this speaker is producing is also really great. And when it’s playing with other Apple products, you will only hear pleasant sounds. However, Apple HomePod has only limited Siri’s scope and it’s really exclusive as you need Apple music to play with this smart speaker.

3. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is another smart speaker that is nice for you. It has incredible sound and can handle several things such as news, podcast, or music. When using the voice assistant, you don’t need physical inputs as it can respond with verbal commands.

You can ask Alexa to set the alarm, play music or turn on the radio. For the performances, Amazon Echo’s sound is exceptional. But, unfortunately, it has no Zigbee and there is not too much development if you compare it to the previous version.

4. Google Home

Google Home

Google Home is capable of playing any song you want as it can track down many songs from various years. It has the Google Assistant so you can get reports about the weather, or help you to find funny clips or even lower your smart thermostat when you’re leaving home. Moreover, it can access YouTube Music without subscribing to any channels.

However, sometimes the performance of Google Assistant is a bit disappointing. When you ask questions with slightly different words or tone, the answer surprisingly is very different from before. And to make the Google Assistant understand your words, you need to phrase it precisely.

Smart Speaker is one of the breakthrough technologies we get at this age. And with this best smart speaker 2020, you will not only enjoy a nice sound but also help from the virtual assistant. But, if you want to know more about the smart speakers, you can go and visit Sylvia Juncosa.

Does Bluestacks Require Virtualization Or Not?


Bluestack is an app that allows people to use Android apps on PC, starting from Windows and Mac devices. People could get the app for free by downloading it on the internet, or on google play. However, there might be some additional payment for special requirements. As for the basic requirement for this app, people might wonder about what they should prepare and have.  Moreover, about on does Bluestacks require virtualization or not.

There are not so many things about what people shout prepare. For Windows users, people would just need to provide their PC with a minimum Windows 7. For the system memory, they should have a minimum of 2GB. Furthermore, for the hard drive space, it takes a minimum of 5GB. Another thing that people might be asking does Bluestacks require virtualization. Here are some suggestions about it and other things related to it.

Does Bluestacks Require Virtualization?

1. Find Out on the PC Capability

Before deciding on whether to use it or not, there is something that people must do first. People should first make sure whether their PC would be able to use the feature or not. Not all computers have the same capability so that is why they should check it first. Each computer has its different way of checking on the capability. Some computers could simply check it on the setting management. While other computers need to download a specific app to check.

2. Turning on the Virtualization

Turning on the Bluestacks Virtualization

Once people find out on the capability on their computers, people should go to the next step. After downloading the Blue stack app, people should then turn the feature mode on. Moreover, on the computers that do not auto turn it on. Again, each device has different steps on turning it on. Most of the steps are through the computer’s setting. Each Windows has different links. Moreover, the computer’s processor also affects it.

3. The Advantage with Using Virtualization

The answer behind does Bluestacks require virtualization or not, here are some answers. It is actually not a must for people to use it. Moreover, it depends on the user’s wants and needs. Overall, the feature is used to give a better performance to the user. Especially for the display. The minimum requirement is to always have the updated graphics driver.

4. To Use to App without Virtualization

However, if people choose to not use it, it is okay. Moreover, the Bluestacks is even one of the best Android emulators that work without virtualization. People could still enjoy playing, editing, texting, and doing other activities well. When opening the Bluestacks, just ignore the request on turning the virtual.

5. The Advantage not Using Virtualization

Here is another great answer for does blue stacks require virtualization. Bluestacks is already a great app for people to use. Moreover, there are more risks to using the feature. Starting from the security up to the engine working. With turning it on, the computer would work harder as well.

As a conclusion, does Bluestacks require virtualization or not, it actually depends on one each user. However, since Bluestacks is already a great app, unless it is not needed, people don’t need to turn it on. They could still enjoy the app. For those who ask is Bluestacks safe or not, the answer is yes, it is safe.