5 Best Free Apps for Preschoolers

Now we are in a digital world, where everyone uses digital applications to get information and also entertainment. Even children can access applications that help them to learn or overcome boredom. However, parents must know about the best apps for preschoolers free which are safe for children.

The application will make your child learn many things in a fun way. You don’t need to download paid apps because now many apps are free for preschoolers, which are also fun and safe for kids. If you are curious, the following are the best apps for preschoolers free that you can download easily:

1. Fish School

Fish School

Your child definitely likes this game because this game has a lot of educational activities on it. Let your child learn ABCs in a fun way by watching lots of fish make letters.

Then, your child will more easily memorize the alphabet when playing this application. Through this application, you can introduce your child to shapes and letters in an exciting way. Your child can also learn differences and matching with simple touch and tap.

This is one of the best apps for preschoolers free because it won several awards. The awards are Parent’s Choice Gold Award from Parent’s Choice Foundation and Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award for Excellence in Design.

2. PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids Games

There are more than 100 games in this application that are fun to be played by your child. Some of the games available in this application are science games, puzzles, mazes, letter games, dress-ups, and more.

Cheerful PBS Kids characters will make your child happy to play and they don’t realize that this application is educational. Moreover, to play this game you do not always need the internet because there are Offline Games features.

3. Elmo Loves 123s

Elmo Loves 123s

The adorable Elmo character will help your child learn about numbers. There are many fun games to introduce numbers to your child through this application. The games are hide-and-seek, coloring pages, jigsaw puzzles, counting games, and more.

This application is very easy for your child to use because they just slide, swipe, and touch it. You will not worry to let your child play this game because this game is one of the best apps for preschoolers free.

4. Hungry Caterpillar Play School

Hungry Caterpillar Play School

All parents would know if the book hungry caterpillar from Eric Carle’s beloved books is the most recommended book for children. Your child will definitely love it because the hungry caterpillar is now on a smartphone. Through this application, your child will learn about basic math, science and nature studies, language and literacy, creative arts, and many others.

Start teaching your child about how to solve problems by playing Puzzle and Reasoning games in this application. Moreover, videos and songs support all subjects so your child doesn’t get bored easily.

5. Dr. Panda Town

Dr. Panda Town

Role-playing will be more fun through this application. Your child can play the role of being a police, barber, or even a veterinarian. In this application, your child will experience an unlimited adventure by enjoying the excitement throughout the city.

Explore the world with 35 exciting characters with bright, colorful designs and graphics. By Dr. Panda Town, your child can discover millions of hidden secrets and have fun interactions.

Those are 5 best apps for preschoolers free, which you can find on iOS and Android. Choose the application that is suitable for your child’s age and needs. However, you still have to keep an eye on your child because your child must still comply with the screen time limit.


Lenovo Z5 Pro

Lenovo Z5 Pro Specs and Camera Features

What feature of smartphone that you think as the most appealing to you before deciding to buy the handheld? You surely have your own reason why you buy the gadget. And if you think that you need one with great cameras, Lenovo Z5 Pro should be one of the options to consider buying. Lenovo announced and launched it in November 2018. The Z5 Pro promises outstanding camera photos with its dual main cameras. For sure, this is not the only appealing aspect that you can enjoy when having this one. Well, let’s check out what things to take into account before you include this on your hunting list.

Lenovo Z5 Pro Specs

Lenovo Z5 Pro comes with a 6.39-inch display and runs Android Oreo (8.1). The smartphone is powered by Qualcomm SDM710 Snapdragon chipset with Octa-core CPU. Supported by 64 GB of internal storage and 6 GB RAM, this handheld is claimed to be able to give you smooth multitasking mobile activities. About the battery, the Z5 Pro provides you with non-removable Li-Pro 3350 mAh battery so that you can keep this on for quite long hours without charging. From the details given above, it is clear that this smartphone can deal with most of what today’s mobile phone users need. For instance, this one is a relevant choice especially for you who love mobile gaming.

As stated previously, Lenovo claims that Z5 Pro is one of the best when it deals with the cameras. For the main cameras, yes we intentionally put the plural s there, you can have dual cameras to take outstanding photos. You get 16 MP and 24 MP rear cameras with dual-LED dual-tone flash that you can rely on to capture photos in various challenges. About the selfie cameras, you also get two including the one with 16 MP and the other with 8 MP. The interesting fact is, both cameras are a mechanical pop-up with means that you need to slide the screen when you need to take a selfie or use the front cameras for video call. In short, Lenovo Z5 Pro looks very promising for you who love taking photos using mobile phones.

Specifically talking about the cameras, some do not really believe that Z5 Pro really has what the Chinese manufacturer claims. The photos shown in its promotional campaign looked too good to be real, based on what some people said. However, still, we believe that this smartphone is a great option especially for users who need to upgrade in almost every aspect of a smartphone. In fact, you always have the right to choose from various alternatives available on the market. It means you may also need to check out other products from different manufacturers before deciding which to grab.

Well, those are the pieces of information you need to know about Lenovo Z5 Pro. Keep exploring our pages to get more information including the ones related to new smartphones so that you can compare one another before buying the right one based on your personal needs. Thank you for visiting us and have fun.