Avast Vs Mcafee Which One Suits To Your Computer

Avast Vs Mcafee

Avast and Mcafee are two antivirus brands that often compared by various people. Because they are relatively easy to use and have their own advantages. In this article, there are some feature comparisons of Avast vs Mcafee. This article aims to help newly user. So every user can easily determine which one suitable for their computer.

Avast Vs Mcafee

  • Display And User Interface

Based on user experience, the display of Avast looks modern with a black background color. The combination of black, white, yellow and purple colors looks so beautiful. But the developer put the button and menu on the left side of the window. It doesn’t seem familiar for Windows OS user.

It may feel confusing for a new user. Because there are many tabs and menu options in the Avast window. So they must click the tab to know what menu inside the button.

Unlike Avast, which has black color as a base. Mcafee uses a white background color. The menu button is at the top. This is one of the advantages of Mcafee because users are easier to find the menu.

The menu placement at the top is similar to the menu in other applications. For example Microsoft office, browser, and so on.

  • Ease of Use

Both of these antiviruses has quite good features. There are not many differences between them. And actually, they work pretty well on computers.

Both of these antiviruses can secure passwords, important information, clean viruses, and ward off viruses from the internet. The feature will work better if the antivirus is run automatically. So the computer can be better protected.

  • Package Selection

There are several choices of packages offered in addition to the standard antivirus package that is free. Avast offers avast premier, internet security and ultimate. The difference between the three types of packages lies in the completeness of the features and price.

Whereas Mcafee offers consumer and enterprise packages. The consumer package is intended for users at home. While the enterprise is for wider use. For example, office or school.

This choice seems to be quite in accordance with the current use of society. Home use focuses on computer security and personal data. While the enterprise aims to secure data from viruses to support small to medium business.

  • The Price

The Price

Apart from offering free antivirus, Avast and Mcafee offer several packages for sale. Of course, this version is more complete and more powerful than the free version. Avast offers prices between 20 to 30 dollars for one device.

Whereas Mcafee offered its products from 25 to 65 dollars for 10 devices. So each device costs around 2 to 6.5 dollars. It is so affordable.

Avast vs Mcafee is suitable for use in computers both at home and office. Avast has advantages in terms of size. It is smaller and lighter than Mcafee. But McAfee is cheaper than avast. The choice depends on the user, adjust it to free space on the device and their budget to purchase the antivirus.