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Call for Applications to peer review District Climate Change Training Manual

The Government of Malawi with financial support from the Development Partners (UNDP and the Japanese Government) through the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development developed a manual for training district personnel in climate change in order to respond to various threats beings posed by climate change in the country. Since the manual was primarily designed for Government and Non Governmental Orgainisation (NGOs)/Civil Society Organisation (CSOs) officers at district level especially those in the District Environmental Subcommittee (DESC), there is need to engage Peer Reviewer(s) who are familiar with issues and trends in this field of Climate Change.

In this regard, the Malawi Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development would like engage a Peer Reviewer or Team Peer of reviewers to revise the training manual, make corrections and include suggestions that will make the document stronger and robust, such as incorporating previously overlooked ideas and addressing other concerns in order to suit this particular group at council level. Terms of Reference (TORs) are avialbale here for download.

Land Cover Use in Malawi
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