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We work to preserve and enhance the quality of climate, environment and natural resources; enhance the efficiency, sustainability and productivity of Malawi's energy supply; and provide guidance and direction on all matters concerning mining.

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National Climate Change Programme

The Government of Malawi with support from its cooperating partners (Norway, DFID, UNDP and Japan) is implementing a comprehensive National Climate Change Programme which aims at mainstreaming and addressing climate change issues in the national development agenda. The Programme was officially launched in April 2010 and planned initially to finish in December 2010 but has been extended to December 2012. The Programme consists of two complementary projects, namely; the National Programme for Managing Climate Change in Malawi – formulation phase (CCP) and the Africa Adaptation Programme- Building Capacity for Integrated and Comprehensive Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation in Malawi (AAP-Malawi). The overall objective of the Programme is to build a National Climate Change Response Framework and Strategy which will support national and local government institutions in delivering long term climate-resilient and sustainable development. The CCP stresses on the necessity to develop evidence based strategic framework and an implementation plan to respond to the challenges that climate change poses to sustainable economic development and national food security while the AAP-Malawi aims at supporting long term efforts of the Government of Malawi to build capacity to successfully implement its own adaptation programmes.



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