Climate Adaptation for Rural Livelihoods and Agriculture (CARLA) Project

The Climate Adaptation for Rural Livelihoods and Agriculture (CARLA) project is being implemented in Malawi in the three vulnerable districts of Karonga (Traditional Authority (TA)  Kyungu, Group Village Headman (GVH) Mwakabanga), Dedza (TA Kachindamoto, GVH Kafuluma) and Chikhwawa (TA Chapananga, GVH Moses)as identified under the National Adaptation Programme of  Action (NAPA) in 2006. The goal of the CARLA project is to improve resilience to current climate   variability and future climate change by developing and implementing adaptation strategies and measures that will improve agricultural production and rural livelihoods.


There are two main outputs of the project namely: (i) integrated climate change adaptation strategies and interventions that improve agricultural production and rural livelihoods; and (ii) enhanced national and district agencies capacities to support community-based adaptation to climate change. The project will be implemented in five years starting from 2012, with a GEF grant of US $3.0 million which was approved by the GEF council. The CARLA is designed as supplementary financing for the Smallholder Crop Production and Marketing Project (SCPMP) financed by the AfDB to address the issues of climate change. It will therefore be implemented through the existing SCPMP Project Management Unit. The primary project beneficiaries  are smallholder farmers and other community members in the selected districts consisting of an estimated 30,000 households.



Project Document